Project to return Athens to pedestrians gets started


TAGS: City Life

The ambitious project to create an extensive network for pedestrians and bicycles in the center of Athens begins on Thursday with Vasilissis Olgas Avenue and Irodou Attikou Street.

This means the imposition of restrictions on cars, with the exception of certain categories.

The plan’s next phase, which involves Syntagma Square and Panepistimiou Street, will take effect on Sunday with similar restrictions. 

Next up will be the area known as the “commercial triangle” in the historic center in early July.

The project aims to create 2,000 parking spaces for motorcycles, while it will also create 12 taxi stands.

Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said the project will free up 50,000 square meters of space and speed up bus services.

“It allows shops and businesses to work unhindered, away from anarchic parking and traffic chaos,” he said.