Xanthi still on alert amid reinfection fears on Crete


TAGS: Coronavirus

As health authorities focus on containing a localized spike of Covid-19 in the northern Greek region of Xanthi, concerns have arisen over an apparent case of reinfection on Crete. 

Total cases rose to 3,237 on Friday after 10 new infections were announced, with a new death nudging the toll to 189.

In Xanthi, the village of Echinos has been put under lockdown for the third time in as many months, following more than 70 infections and five deaths within a week.

Mayor Manolis Tsepelis said that elderly residents were observing the lockdown but that younger people were getting restless. 

Meanwhile, there are concerns in Hania, Crete, about a 21-year-old Swedish man who has been hospitalized after testing positive for the coronavirus.

He originally tested positive in early May on arriving in Athens but was hospitalized, treated and tested negative before traveling to Crete on business.