Grand Walk set to reach Syntagma on Saturday


TAGS: City Life

The Grand Walk, a network of pedestrian and bicycle lanes in the center of Athens, will extend to the lower end of Syntagma Square from Saturday evening.

The number of lanes for motor vehicles will be reduced from six to four and no negative impact on traffic is expected, according to the Municipality of Athens.

More specifically, the intervention will be made on the section of road from the intersection with Karagiorgis Servias to that with Mitropoleos.

The plan is that there will be three traffic lanes for all motor vehicles and one exclusively for buses. However, for the time being, other traffic will also be allowed to use the bus lane too.

The Grand Walk project’s aim is to free up 50,000 square meters of space, create 2,000 parking spots for motorcycles and 12 taxi stands, and speed up bus services.