Greece opening its first underwater museum in Alonissos

TAGS: Museum, Archaeology

Greece is set to open its first underwater museum next month, showcasing the wealth of marine life and a historic wreck off the coast of the western Aegean island of Alonissos.

The site will be open to tours from licensed guides from August 3 to October 2, allowing amateur divers to explore the wreck of a ship that went down off the protected islet of Pertistera in the 5th century BC carrying a cargo of hundreds of amphoras of wine.

With its wealth of archaeological treasures and incredibly rich sea life resulting from the area’s protected status as a marine park, the Peristera dive site is regarded as one of the most interesting in Greece.

The underwater museum is run by the Ministry of Culture, which also has an information center in the main town of Alonissos, where visitors can learn all about Peristera and its famous wreck thanks to a virtual reality tour.