Thessaloniki's bike lane to be moved, expanded

TAGS: Transport, City Life

Municipal crews in Thessaloniki will move an existing bike lane from its main, pedestrianized seaside promenade of Palia Paralia further into the city, in a move that local authorities hope will offer more options for commuters during the pandemic.

The new, two-way bike lane will be created along Nikis Avenue.

Work will start on Tuesday in the section between Erythros Stavros and Dimitriou Gounari Streets and will last two days.

“We are trying to take measures for a section of the population that is afraid to get on the city buses and does not have a car. These people are given the opportunity to use cheap means of transportation amid this health crisis,” said Dimitris Mitrou, the mayor's associate ofor issues of Sustainable Mobility.

After completing work on Nikis Avenue, crews will move on to Karamanli Avenue where a three-kilometer, two-way bike path will be created.

Work will affect the section from Kaftatzoglou to Voulgari Streets.