Visa process for foreign students to be expedited


TAGS: Education, Migration

The visa process for foreign students coming to Greece to study at colleges and universities will be made easier, according to the provisions of a private education bill tabled in Parliament.

Speaking to Kathimerini on Tuesday, senior officials at the Education Ministry said about 2,000 foreign nationals are enrolled at universities and colleges in Greece.

They also noted frequent complaints by educational institutions over long delays in issuing visas, thus discouraging students from countries like the United States and China who would like to study in Greece.

According to an explanatory memorandum attached to the relevant article of the bill, there has been a steady rise in recent years in the number of foreign students attending foreign language programs in Greece.

“Returning to their countries, these students usually become excellent ambassadors of Greece, while their stay in Greece contributes in many ways to the country’s economy,” it said.