Civil Aviation extends flight restrictions through Aug. 31

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A new notice to airmen issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Wednesday extends travel bans with Balkan and European countries through August 31, to protect passengers and residents of Greece from a rise in new coronavirus cases.

According to the notice:

- Flights between Greece and Turkey remain suspended to August 31 (midnight).

- Flights between Greece and Albania and North Macedonia will continue to operate through the Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos only, until August 31 (midnight).

- All passengers travelling to Greece from Bulgaria, Malta, Romania, and the United Arab Emirates will continue to be obliged until August 31 to provide a negative Covid-19 test result on arrival to Greece; the test cannot be older than 72 hours prior to their arrival in Greece.

- A new notam (in effect August 7 to 31) also requires a negative test result, as above, of passengers from Albania, Belgium, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Spain and Sweden.

All exceptions are still valid.

In addition, the CAA said the ban on entry of non-EU citizens is extended through August 31, except for the following countries' passengers, who will be able to travel to Greece: Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and United Arab Emirates.

Proof of residency will be required.