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ENAT Projects Portal

This page gives access to information and websites about ongoing or completed projects managed by ENAT or where ENAT is a partner.

Go to list of current ENAT projects.

Go to list of past ENAT projects.

Go to list of more Projects and Good Practices (not only ENAT projects)

New Proposals

If your organisation is preparing a European or transnational project proposal in the field of accessible tourism, you might like to consider including ENAT as a partner.

ENAT can bring European added-value to your proposal with:

  • The ENAT multi-stakeholder, international members' network
  • Experts and knowledge of good practices on a wide range of subjects
  • Dissemination throughout the project life-cycle via the ENAT website or a dedicated project website
  • Event organisation
  • Evaluation, research, studies, surveys
  • Proposal design: preparation, writing and editing. 

Download the ENAT Company Profile. (May 2019) PDF document, 185 Kb. 

For enquiries about partnering with ENAT, please use our Contact Page

 Current ENAT Projects

INVITE project funding scheme for SMEs, the Eyemmersive (EYEM) pilot project proposes to create a Digital Market Place for Immersive Tourism based on VR technologies. The service concept will provide a new source of income for professional tourist guides in destinations around the globe, delivering Eyemmersive™ local tourism content to extend the reach of tourism operators and provide a promotional opportunity towards independent travellers.

Start: April 2020
Finish: May/June 2020
Project Coordinator: Kerckhoffs Ltd, UK
Project page on ENAT website
Eyemmersive webpage

[logo pending]   INTOUR. INclusive TOURism Professions. European Curricula For Accessible Tourism Manager And Frontline Staff. The IN-TOUR project is financed unde the EU ERASMUS+ framework for cooperation in education and training ET 2020 and will focus on “graduates VET” for the Inclusive Tourism Manager profile (ITM) and “undergraduates VET” for the Inclusive Tourism Frontline Staff (ITFS), involving 3 Universities providing VET.

Start: January 2020
Finish: December 2022
Project Coordinator: Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla Onlus, Italy
Project Page on ENAT website
INTOUR Project Website (coming soon)

ACCESS-IT. Innovation for Accessible Tourism in Natural and Rural Areas. The Access-IT project seeks to address the competence gap on accessible tourism amomg SMEs in the toursm sector by offering a comprehensive training in the fields of accessible tourism, innovation and sustainable development of Natural and Rural Areas. Funded by the EU ERASMUSplus Programme, Key Action 2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. KA202 - Strategic Partnerships for vocational education and training.
Start: December 2019
Finish: November 2021
Project page on ENAT website
ACCESS-IT Project website

IMPACTOUR. The main ambition of the IMPACTOUR project is to create an innovative and easy-to-use methodology and tool to measure and assess the impact of Cultural Tourism (CT) on European economic and social development and to improve Europe’s policies and practices on CT, strengthening its role as a sustainable driving force in the growth and economic development of European regions.
Start: January 2020
Finish: December 2022
Project Coordinator:
UNINOVA, Portugal.
Project page on ENAT website
Project Website IMPACTOUR 

Games Without Barriers. A project focused on vocational and educational training on accessible tourism related to the catering and hospitality sector, in particular.
Start: December 2019
Finish: May 2022
Project Coordinator:
Project page on ENAT website
Project Website Games Without Barriers

 Past ENAT Projects

The Ability Advisor - TAD. TAD is a project funded by the European Union Erasmus+ programme under Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices, (KA202 Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training), addressing accessible tourism. The project aims to contribute to making Europe a truly accessible destination for all visitors by training professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector through a work-based learning approach, looking at the issue from a new point of view.
Start: September 2017
Finish: December 2019
Project Coordinator: Public institution Panevezys Labour Market Training Centre - Lithuania.
Project page on ENAT website
Project Website TAD The Ability Advisor

TAD e-Learning course Website

Rare & Roll: Access China and Culture. The project, wholly financed by a grant from the Booking Cares Fund awarded to Ms. Xun Ji, a young disabled Chinese woman, will provide accessible tourism information services and cultural experience opportunities for both Chinese and foreign travellers with particular access needs, while at the same time engaging professionals in the travel industry, preparing them for the new caring economy.   
Start: May 2018
Finish: August 2019
Project Coordinators: Rare & Roll and ENAT
Project page on ENAT Website

Project Page Rare and Roll (in Chinese)

Newscat: New Skills for Customized Accessible Tourism. The project will provide tools and methodologies to improve the skills and competences of tourist guides and other professionnals in the tourist sector to deal with new demands and requirements of clients,  clients with specific access requirements, such as people with disabilities and seniors.
Start: September 2016
Finish: July 2019
Project page on ENAT website
Project Website at EASPD

Tourism for All in Lebanon: a new approach towards an inclusive socio-economic development for persons with disabilities. Europe Aid funded project under the Lebanese Government AFKAR III Programme, 'Reinforcing human rights and democracy in Lebanon - Active citizenship'. 
Start: July 2016
Finish: June 2018 (extended to October 2018)
Project Coordinator: Lebanese Physically Handicapped Union (LPHU)
Website: Lebanon Tourism 4 All

Access Angels aims to train youth volunteers to act as assistants to visitors with access requirements in rural areas in Europe.
Start: October 2016
Finish: September 2018
Project page on ENAT website

Project Website not active


ELEVATOR - Efficient movement to the higher quality staff and services in tourism for all. The project focuses on adult education and business development (business competencies) in the field of accessible tourism for all. The name of the project "Elevator“ represents the effort to raise the quality of human resources and services in tourism to a higher, more competitive level.

Project Coordinator: Kazuist, spol. s r.o. Czech Republic
Start: September 2015
Finish: August 2018
Project Website

Pantou The European Accessible Tourism Directory

The Pantou Accessible Tourism Directory was established initially as a data collection tool for a European Commission study of the supply of accessible tourism in Europe in 2014. It lists tourism suppliers who are able to offer accessible tourism services to customers with specific access requirements, including older persons, people with disabilities, families with young children and those who have a long-term health condition. Since the end of March, 2017 the Pantou Directory has been opened up to include accessible tourism suppliers based in any country - not only those located in Europe. Suppliers may register free of charge at

Project Management: EWORX S.A., ENAT, VVA
Project Start: November 2013 to 2014. Second phase: December 2015 to March 2017. Third phase: (ENAT and EWORX), April 2017 - continuing.
Project Summary on ENAT Website
Pantou website:

Transport and Tourism for Persons with Disabilities and Persons with Reduced Mobility. The scope of the study includes the state of play of accessibility in EU Member States of both transport services (local and long-distance) and tourist destinations for persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility (PRMs). Commissioned by the European Parliament, Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies DG Internal Policies, Directorate B, carried out by CERTH (Greece) with sub-contractors: European Disability Forum (EDF) and European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT).
Start: September 2017
Finish: February 2018
Project Coordinator/Contractor: Centre for Research and Technology Hellas / Hellenic Institute of Transport  - CERTH,  (Greece)
Project page on ENAT website

. (Project A.L.L.) The project is about creating and promoting a transnational accessible tourist product based on a common European heritage represented by the Lombards (or Longobards) who, in their migration from northern to southern Europe, played a major role in the spiritual and cultural development of Europe in its transition between Classicism and the Middle Ages.
Project Coordinator: Incipit Consulting Società Cooperativa (Italy)
Start: July 2016
Finish: January 2018
Project page on ENAT website

Project website

(Project ATTIMO). Project ATTIMO combines the idea of outdoor activities for all and cultural heritage tourism. Its main aim is developing cultural and leisure itineraries, focusing on accessibility and intermodality, building on an existing tourism offer in the area of Berici Hills, Italy and South and West Styria, Austria, combining outdoor trails and cycle routes.
Project Coordinator: TANDEM, Società cooperativa sociale integrate (ITALY)
Start: June 2016
Finish: December 2017
Project Page on ENAT website
Project website

APP TOUR YOU APP TOUR YOU ( is a European project funded by the Erasmus plus programme, strategic partnerships for Vocational and Educational Training (VET). It experiments with new models of training on accessible tourism and information targeted to SMEs and entrepreneurs in the field of tourism.
Project Coordinator: Tandem, Italy
Start: November 2015
Finish: September 2017

Project page on ENAT website

Project website

BRENDAIT. "Building a Regional Network for the Development of Accessible and Inclusive Tourism". The BRENDAIT Project is the conception and application of a pilot methodology to dynamize the transformation of a territory into an accessible and inclusive tourist destination.
Project Coordinator: PERFIL, Portugal
Start: September 2015
Finish: March 2017
Project page on ENAT Website

Europe Without Barriers: Accessible Tourism Itineraries & Training (EWB). The general objective of the EWB project is to create a network of entities able to promote and sell tour packages accessible to everyone. All services will be provided in a context where needs of people with special requirements should be attended to and resolved.

Project Coordinator: Sclerosi Multipla Italia Societià Consortile ARL, Italy.
Start: October 2014
Finish: March 2016
Project Summary on ENAT Website
Project Website

T-GuIDE is an initiative of nine organisations supported by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme, ”Leonardo Da Vinci”. The initiative addresses two of today’s major societal challenges in Europe: to increase opportunities in the job market and to increase social inclusion. The aim is to produce an EU training model and Manual for training Tourist Guides in guiding people who have learning difficulties or other intellectual impairments.

Project Manager: Akademy Nauk, Poland.
Project Duration: November 2012 to April 2015.
Project Summary on ENAT Website
T-GuIDE Project Website

EU Study: Mapping and Performance Check of the Supply of Accessible Tourism Services in Europe.

This study, which started in February 2013, involved interviews with key stakeholders, desk research and surveys to identify "best practices" across the supply chains. In addition, a new European “Tourism for All online Register” service, was set up, enabling tourism suppliers to present their accessible accommodation, venues, attractions and services.

Project Duration: February 2013 to March 2015.
Link to: Project Summary and Reports on ENAT Website
Link to: Study Report and Annexes
Link to: 15 Case Studies of Accessible Tourism Destinations 

EU Study: Mapping the Skills and Training Needs to Improve Accessible Tourism Services in Europe.

The 12-month study, which started in February 2013, mapped the staff skills needs to improve accessibility and safety in the tourism services and analysed the availability of corresponding training in EU Member States as well as transferable training curricula and courses from other regions of the world.

Project Duration: February 2013 to January 2014.
Project Summary on ENAT Website
Report, June 2014.
20 Case Studies of Accessible Tourism Training

Financed by the European Commission and project partners, the ITA project will contribute to developing a new direction in the tourism sphere in Georgia. It aims to benefit, in particular, persons with disabilities and elderly citizens and contribute to the economic development of Georgia by involving directly civil society organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises and public sector bodies in training, development and dissemination activities.

Project Manager: NGO PARSA. Tbilisi, Georgia. Partner: ENAT
Project Duration: November 2012 to October 2013. (Extension to January 2014).
Project Summary on ENAT Website

eAccess+ Thematic Network

eAccess+ is a thematic network funded under the EU Seventh Framework Programme, ICT PSP third call for proposals 2009:CIP-ICT-PSP-2009-3 Project Number: 250568.
The eAccess+ network aims to bridge the widening gap between the potential of ICT/AT and eAccessibility for people with disabilities and the ageing population on the one hand and the actual implementation of eAccessibility on the other hand.
eAccess+ is driven by 25 core members, coming from all over Europe. It is their task to involve all stakeholder groups at national level and to expand the network by recruiting a group of so called “Associated Partners”.

Lead Partner: University of Linz, Austria
Project duration: 2010 to 2013.
Project summary on ENAT Website
Project Home page: (Closed)

STEEP - Social Tourism European Exchanges Platform

The STEEP project aims at creating and developing a web‐based platform as a mechanism intended to facilitate transnational tourism particularly during the low season, and within the different Calypso target groups. It also aims to increase the competitiveness of tourism SME’s by facilitating business opportunities between intermediaries acting on behalf of clients.

Lead Partner: International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO-OITS)
Project Duration: 1 April 2012 to 31 July 2013.
Project Summary on ENAT website
Project website:

Lead Partner: Vellinge Kommune, Sweden
Project duration: 2009 to 2011
Project page on ENAT website
Project Home page:
ETCAATS E-Learning course:

ATHENA - "Accessible Tourism – Humans, Education, New Approaches”
Lead Partner: KAZUIST, spol.s.r.o., Czech Republic
Project duration: 2009 to 2011

Project link on ENAT website
Project Home page: (Closed)

Lead partner: ŠENT Slovenian Association for Mental Health, Slovenia
Project duration: 2009 to 2011
Project page on ENAT website
Project Home page: (Closed)

CETA - "Competitiveness for European Tourism for All"
Lead Partner: ENAT, Belgium
Project duration: 2009 to 2010

Project page on ENAT website
Project Home page: (Closed)

More Projects

To view more projects, visit the section, Projects and Good Practices