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The theme pages listed below give lists of items gathered from the whole ENAT website. Each theme shows the relevant ENAT news items, projects, events, reports, good practices, and other items, shown as internal links.  By following the links you will be taken to the original item.

The lists for each theme are automatically generated from the keywords which are used to "tag" each item of information on the website. Lists are "refreshed" each time the theme page is requested. In this way, new items which are added to any section of the ENAT website site will appear in the theme list, according to their assigned keywords.

Choose one of the themes from the alphabetical listing, below:

Results 1 to 12 out of 19.

29/10/2007 Access Guides, Access Auditing, Tourist Information Services

These items include access guides for specific cities, regions or countries; systems used for auditing the accessibility of venues; research and innovation in on-line and off-line tourist information services; information requirements for persons with disabilities; and links to specific tourist information services. Keyword(s): Accessibility auditing | Accessibility information, access guides | Tourist information services

22/04/2008 Accessible adventure tourism, sports and outdoor pursuits

The items selected for this theme cover available information on the ENAT website relating to adventure tourism, sports and outdoor activities. Listings include various adapted sports and pastimes: skiing, birdwatching, sailing, horse-riding, cycling, camping, scuba diving... Keyword(s): Adventure | Beaches | Boats and boating | Camping | Cycling and mountain biking | Diving, sub-aqua | Fishing | Golf | Horse-riding and pony-trekking | Hunting | Motor sports | Nature holidays | Ornithology, bird-watching | Sports | Walking and hiking | Youth tourism

29/10/2007 Airlines, Airports and Air Travel

These items relate to airline companies, airports, air travel, customer services, carriage of wheelchairs and other special equipment, carriage of guide dogs; and relevant regulations and policies. Keyword(s): Airlines and air transport

29/10/2007 Architecture, Design and Planning (Methods, Guidelines and Standards), for Buildings and Infrastructure

These items refer to the planning and design of tourist destinations and venues. Particular focus is placed on methods, such as "Design for all" or "Universal design", as well as guidelines and standards. Keyword(s): Architecture, design and planning | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Standards

05/04/2009 Childrens', Family and Youth Tourism

These items concern tourist provisions for families with small children and young people. The theme covers sources of information, attractions, holiday ideas, policies, guidelines for tourism providers, links and other items gathered from the ENAT website. Keyword(s): Young childrens' and families' holidays and services | Youth tourism

02/02/2009 Cruises, Trips Ashore, Ferries, Boating, Sailing and Everything Nautical

Here you will find items related to maritime transport, cruising and the cruise industry, port-side facilities, shore excursions, as well as beaches and water sports. Keyword(s): Beaches | Boats and boating | Cruises | Diving, sub-aqua | Fishing | Marinas and ports services

06/02/2010 Cultural Heritage, Destinations and Attractions

This theme highlights cultural attractions, destinations and venues. Items also include projects, publications and links related to the study, preservation and interpretation of cultural artefacts, buildings, landscapes, music, visual arts and languages. Keyword(s): Ancient monuments | Archaeology | Festivals - music, dance | Gardens and parks | Heritage | Lifestyle | Mind, body, spirit | Museums and galleries | Music | Natural Phenomena | Nature parks | Religion | Visual arts

11/04/2008 Demographics and the Accessible Tourism Market

This theme lists items such as research studies, reports, links, news and others concerned with the size and composition of the market for accessible tourism. It also includes some analyses of the spending power of those groups who require accessible travel and tourism - especially persons with disabilities and older persons. This theme is currently being developed and new items will appear regularly. Keyword(s): Age-related issues, (seniors) | Demographics | Disability, disabilities, technical aids | Social tourism

30/10/2007 Education and Training for Accessible Tourism

These items include tertiary level education and vocational training in the travel and tourism management fields, with an emphasis on meeting the requirements of disabled and other customers; curriculum development, projects, employment and working conditions, good practices and teaching resources. Keyword(s): Customer relations | Education, training | Employment, working conditions | Hotel management, hotel business | Management of tourist venues and attractions | Special services for disabled visitors | Staff training

23/04/2008 Equipment, technical aids and Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for accessible tourism

This theme features equipment and technical aids that are especially suitable for tourists with disabilities and others who have more extensive access requirements. ICTs and web accesibility are also featured here. Keyword(s): Assistive Technologies | Information and Communication Technologies | Safety and security issues | Suppliers of equipment

10/01/2009 Health, Therapy, Wellness

These items include how to cope with long-term health problems when travelling, prevention and treatment of travel-related illnesses, fear of flying; destinations which offer nursing care, therapies or medical treatments for tourists; tourism products related to wellness; information about health hazards in certain locations or regions and links to health specific tourist information services and products. Keyword(s): Health, therapy, wellness | Medical and nursing care, treatment | Mind, body, spirit | Therapy, wellness

08/01/2009 Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Business

This theme includes information about the access needs of customers and how to cater for them in hotels, restaurants and catering outlets. Subjects covered include: the design and adaptation of buildings and service areas, specialised customer services, staff training and working conditions, technical equipment and more. Keyword(s): Accessibility auditing | Accommodation services | Cafés, restaurants, bars and pubs | Catering, restaurants, cafés | Customer relations | Design Guidelines, Design-for-All | Employment, working conditions | Hospitality | Hotel management, hotel business | Special services for disabled visitors | Staff training | Suppliers of equipment