EIT Community Doctoral programmes

As with EIT-labelled educational programmes at Master level, our PhD programmes foster students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. PhD programmes are offered by research universities. EIT-specific quality criteria and EIT overarching learning outcomes are applied.

EIT Climate-KIC PhD Education

When academia and business come together, you can truly make a difference and initiate concrete action. This is why all EIT Climate-KIC's PhD candidates work on solutions that either have a clear path to climate innovation or directly support one or more of EIT Climate-KIC's main climate change challenges.




Students will participate in the Journey, an intensive climate innovation summer school and will:

  • Discover how the latest climate change science is being transformed into new products and service,
  • Explore the potential for commercialising their research or launching a start-up business venture with support from EIT Climate-KIC business coaches and our Greenhouse,
  • Access mobility to enhance their research through collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC partners and the wider world,
  • Be an integral part of the EIT Climate-KIC community.

EIT Climate-KIC Education website

EIT Digital Doctoral School

The EIT Digital Doctoral School educates the technical leaders and entrepreneurs needed in Europe.

The EIT Digital Doctoral School provides, as one of the few European academic institutions, industry embedded, market focused industrial doctorates. The Industrial Doctorates bridge the present to the future to lead the digital transformation.

Within an Industrial Doctorate, PhD students work under academic and industry supervision on research assignments from industry and benefit from continuous interaction with industry. The research programme students will be working on, will provide concrete results that can be tested by industry itself, and in turn provides feedback to the continuation of the research programme.

In addition to the direct involvement of one industrial partner, the students are immersed in the broader EIT Digital ecosystem of industries.

All theses fit in one of the EIT Digital Action lines and have an integrated Business Development Experience (BDE) to assure that PhD candidates attain alongside scientific excellence as well as innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.

Added Value

  • Creating awareness of the role of business in technology realisation;
  • Offering students practical training and experience in a business context;
  • Providing students with the experience of starting up new ventures or new business activities.
  • Working on a research assignment directly from the industry under academic and industrial supervisior.


  • Hands-on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education consisting of two phases; Business Competence phase followed by a Business Development Experience
  • Mobility; six months of geographical mobility and six months of organisational mobility
  • Thematic alignment of the I&E thesis to the Innovation Areas of EIT Digital
  • The specific implementation of the EIT Digital Doctoral School on ICT Innovation takes the form of "Doctoral Training Centres" (DTC). A DTC gathers a critical mass of PhD students around one or two thematic action lines to address scientific challenges backed by a strong participation with industrial partners.

EIT Digital Doctoral School website

EIT Health PhD Education

Ageing@EITHealth is a pan-European doctoral programme that brings together EIT Health academic and non-academic partners to train a new generation of PhD specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology with solid innovation and entrepreneurship competencies.


EIT Health Campus website

EIT Health Degree Programmes website

EIT InnoEnergy PhD School 

The EIT InnoEnergy PhD School is tailored for students who have technical excellence together with a drive for Business and Entrepreneurship (B&E). Students are taken into the PhD programme of one of the universities in the EIT InnoEnergy consortium, or into a double-degree or joint-degree arrangement with a pair of them. The EIT InnoEnergy PhD School provides "added value" education and activities within B&E and mobility support within a world class alliance of top European universities, research institutions and companies.

The PhD School is organised in several tracks, each one with a specialty in one of the Innovation Hubs of EIT InnoEnergy. Each track covers a full PhD education, complemented with industrial internships/experiences and an insight into the entrepreneurial aspects of modern and future energy technology.

EIT InnoEnergy PhD School website

EIT RawMaterials






The EIT RawMaterials Academy PhD portfolio currently includes one EIT-labelled programmes:

  • IDS-FunMat-INNO – International Doctoral School in Functional Materials.

RawMaterials Academy website