EIT Community Master Programmes

The hallmark of EIT educational programmes is to not only give our students the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, but also to know what to do and how to solve real life problems, all with an entrepreneurial mindset.

EIT-labelled educational programmes at Master and PhD levels foster students to become more creative, innovative and entrepreneurial. This is why EIT-specific quality criteria and EIT overarching learning outcomes are applied.

EIT Digital Master School

The EIT Digital Master School is a two-year master programme with eight technical Majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Added value: entrepreneurial thinking

By studying at the EIT Digital Master School, students are part of an extraordinary ecosystem of entrepreneurs, companies, students and alumni across the whole of Europe. 100% of alumni are employed (76%) or are continuing in PHD-programmes (24%). One third of those who are employed secured jobs before completing their studies. 89% of alumni work in Europe and 98% in the technology sector. 58% state that they plan to start their own company within two years of graduation.

Two Degrees

Students study at two different European universities and will receive two master school degrees and a certificate of the European Institute of Technology. Within the pan-European network of EIT Digital, 18 European top universities renowned researchers and leading businesses are providing cutting-edge ICT excellence in combination with innovation and entrepreneurship training.

Master School Programmes

The programmes of the EIT Digital Master School are selected to meet the future needs of the industry. The EIT Digital Master School offers following EIT labeled technical majors:

For more information, visit the EIT Digital Master School website!

EIT Health

EIT Health CAMPUS is building a brand for excellence in education, developing a virtual marketplace for learning, providing access to various modalities of educational activities combining technical know-how with best pedagogic practices.

CAMPUS develops and supports Master and Phd Programmes delivering Innovation and Entrepreneurship in areas relevant to EIT Health.

The EIT Health Programs offer the following Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the strategies to integrate clinical research, disciplinary knowledge, practical experience, commercialization and innovation to advance technological solutions contributing towards more efficient, safe, equitable and sustainable person-centred health care systems.
  • Design, develop, implement, evaluate, and optimize technological solutions in healthcare
  • Demonstrate effective communication and collaborative working practices

The current EIT Health landscape of degree programmes consists of the following EIT-labelled Masters:

For more information, visit the EIT Health Campus website and the EIT Health Degree Programmes website!

EIT InnoEnergy Master School

The EIT InnoEnergy Master School offers programmes which are directed at a completely new type of education in the energy field, by mobilising the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of the students. At the same time, the full energy knowledge students receive in a "classical" two year energy master programmes is kept. This gives the graduates a very deep understanding of the world's energy challenges paired with a significant insight into how energy businesses are created and into the industrial perspective of the energy side. 

For more information, visit the EIT InnoEnergy Master School website!

EIT RawMaterials

Master Education

Within the RawMaterials Academy, the Master Education strand offers students industry-focused programmes which enable collaboration with top specialists in the field from academia, research and industry. The unique and innovative entrepreneurship components will equip students with a problem-solving mind-set to tackle future challenges across the entire raw materials value chain. Master Education at EIT RawMaterals promotes interdisciplinary, international collaboration and within a programme, students have the opportunity to study at several centres of excellence throughout Europe.

The EIT RawMaterials Academy portfolio currently includes the following EIT labeled Master Programmes:

For more information about all of our Master programmes and related courses, including those with the EIT label, please visit the EIT RawMaterials Academy website.

EIT Climate-KIC Master Programme

EIT Climate-KIC runs a climate innovation programme which adds value to existing Master programmes offered by European Climate-KIC partners institutions in The Netherlands, Germany, France and the UK. Integral elements of this innovation programme are:

  • The Journey, a five-week intensive climate innovation school,
  • SPARK! a series of thought-provoking talks and seminars,
  • The development and delivery of a climate innovation project.

Students will:

  • discover how the latest climate change science is being transformed into new products and services,
  • examine market drivers of climate innovation, including policy, legal and financial incentives or constraints,
  • explore the potential for launching your start-up business venture with support from EIT Climate-KIC business coaches and our Greenhouse.

Master Programmes

Master programmes in Italy

  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation - Civil Engineering
  • MSc Climate Change Adaptation - Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering for Energy (ICT for climate)
  • MSc Environmental Assessment and Management
  • MSc Low Carbon Technologies and Sustainable Chemistry

Master programmes in the Nordics

Danish Technical University

  • MSc Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
  • MSc Engineering in Biotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Physics and Nanotechnology
  • MSc Engineering, Aquatic Science and Technology
  • MSc Engineering in Wind Energy
  • MSc Engineering in Sustainable Energy
  • MSc Environmental Engineering
  • MSc Design and Innovation

University of Copenhagen

  • MSc Climate Change

Aalto University

  • MSc Creative Sustainability
  • MSc Chemical, Biochemical and Materials Engineering – major in Fibre and Polymer Engineering

Master programmes in France

  • MSc Universe, Environment, Ecology (SDUEE)

Master programmes in the Netherlands

Delft Technical University

  • MSc Industrial Ecology (IE)
  • MSc Strategic Product Design (SPD)
  • MSc Sustainable Energy Technology (SET)
  • MSc Construction Management and Engineering (CME)
  • MSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building sciences

Utrecht University

  • MSc Energy Science
  • MSc Science & Business Management
  • MSc Innovation Sciences
  • MSc Sustainable Development
  • MSc Sustainable Business & Innovation
  • MSc Bio Inspired Innovation 

Wageningen University

  • MSc Biotechnology (MBT)
  • MSc Climate Studies (MCL)
  • MSc Environmental Sciences (MES)
  • MSc International Land and Water Management (MIL)
  • MSc Urban Environmental Management (MUE)

Master programmes in Switzerland

ETH Zürich 

  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Micro and Nanosystems
  • MSc Process Engineering
  • MSc Robotics, Systems and Control

For more information, visit the EIT Climate-KIC education website!