2015 Awards

The 2015 EIT Awards were an integral part of the EIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship event, which took place in Budapest on 05-07 May 2015. The event combined four different EIT initiatives in one structured 3-day event: The EIT Awards, the EIT Alumni Connect event, the EIT Stakeholder Forum and the EIT Roundtable. More information about the event can be found here.


The EIT CHANGE Award celebrates graduates from EIT labelled education programmes that spur innovation and entrepreneurship and bring about change in the thematic areas addressed by the EIT and its KICs. It covers the KIC Education pillar. The deadline for submission of applications was 17 November 2014. You can find more information about the CHANGE Award on the CHANGE Award page and view the 2015 Nominees on the INNOVEIT 2015 website.

The EIT Venture Award

The EIT Venture Award puts successful entrepreneurial start-ups that have been supported by the KICs through a dedicated business creation or business development process in the spotlight.

The nomination process for the EIT Venture Award is currently closed. The 2015 nominees can be seen on the INNOVEIT 2015 website.

Further information about the criteria used for the selection of nominee start-ups can be found on the Venture Award page.

The Innovators Award

In 2015, the EIT introduced the EIT Innovators Award to recognise KIC innovation teams that have developed in an exemplary manner an innovative product, service or process with a high potential for societal and economic impact. Further information about the Innovators Award can be found on the Innovators Award page. Details about the 2015 nominees can be found on the INNOVEIT 2015 website.

EIT Awards 2015 - Celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship

EIT Awards 2015 - Nominees Brochure