EIT Health

Together for healthy lives in Europe.

EIT Health is uniquely placed at the meeting point of business, research and education to bring innovative, real-world health solutions to market to enhance the health of citizens.

EIT Health are transforming healthcare in Europe for the health of our citizens and the health of our economy. 

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The goals of EIT Health  are:

  • Strengthening healthcare systems in Europe
  • Promoting better health of citizens
  • Contributing to a sustainable health economy in Europe


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Training the workforce of tomorrow

Campus is our education programme, which engages learners from across society to enable continuous innovation in European healthcare.

We bridge the gap between academia and enterprise to upskill professionals on new innovative techniques and provide the practical knowledge and inspiration learners need to deliver future innovation.

We have educational programmes to suit each type of learner. Browse Campus learning opportunities here.

Overcoming fragmentation

EIT Health will overcome the fragmentation of different healthcare systems in Europe and give companies easier access to markets across the EU. The critical mass of partners from business and industry, education, research, healthcare providers and insurance companies within EIT Health, opens the path to reduced time-to-market for added-value products and services.

EIT Health outreach activities are expected to spread all over Europe – establishing new ties to expand innovation and growth.

EIT Health aims to, among others:

  • support and grow this figure to 90 new products/services annually by 2018
  • by 2018 create 70 start-ups per year
  • have 1 000 000 students taking part in its educational online programmes per year by 2018
  • In its first full year of operation in 2016 EIT Health expects to incubate approximately 80 new business ideas, rising to 140 in 2018.

EIT Health Innovation Hubs

We work at the centre of a vibrant community to connect approximately 150 world-class organisations, harnessing our combined knowledge to nurture the brightest ideas, businesses and people.

This unique ecosystem provides a space where innovation can take shape through collaboration for a healthier future. Meet the partners here.

EIT Health has formed six Innovation Hubs across Europe, with Headquarters based in Munich:

  • London (UK/Ireland)
  • Stockholm (Scandinavia)
  • Barcelona (Spain)
  • Paris (France)
  • Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Rotterdam (Belgium-Netherlands)
  • Budapest (Innostars)

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