EIT House in Brussels

The establishment of the EIT House in Brussels increases awareness of the EIT Community's activities and achievements in Brussels.

At the same time, the EIT House will facilitate interaction and efficiency among stakeholders across the entire EU innovation landscape.

The EIT House is located on Rue Guimard, and gives the EIT Community a permanent presence in the heart of Europe.

Set up by the EIT Community with two main objectives, to increase the awareness and visibility of the EIT Community in Brussels, and provide temporary co-working and meeting/ exhibition space, the EIT House will showcase and promote the Innovation Communities' activities and achievements (innovations, products, services and start-ups). Additionally, it will host events, particularly in the context of the preparation of the European Commission's Framework Programme 9 and  of the post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) negotiations.

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Fulfilling the second objective, the EIT House will facilitate interaction between the EIT Community and everyone involved in innovation in the EU.

Innovation Communities and the EIT.

Address: Rue Guimard 7, 4th floor, 1040, Brussels, Belgium           Contact us

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