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  • Consolidated EIT Regulation - The Consolidated EIT Regulation combines the original Regulation No. 294/2008 (EC) of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 March 2008 establishing the EIT and its subsequent amendment by EU Regulation (EU) No. 1292/2013 for the comprehensive understanding of the agency.
  • Rules of Procedure of the EIT Governing Board and Executive Committee - The Rules of Procedure of the EIT Governing Board and Executive Committee define the roles and responsibilities of these two bodies, provides rules for their meetings, identify their composition, elections and nominations, and detail administrative provisions for the smooth running thereof.
  • Transparency and access to documents - Transparency and access to documents at the EIT prescribes the arrangements under which the public shall be granted access to documents by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.
  • Code of Good Conduct on conflicts of interest - To ensure high standards of ethics and integrity within the EIT, the Code of Good Conduct on conflicts of interest of EIT Governing Board Members identifies the potential sources and instances of conflicts of interest for its Board Members and establishes procedures for the declaration and evaluation thereof.
  • Anti-fraud Strategy - The Anti-fraud Strategy of the EIT for the period 2018-2020 sets out the objective of addressing and mitigating any fraud, corruption and other illegal activities by establishing measures to improve the prevention, detection and the conditions for the investigation of such activities.
  • Ethical and Organisational Code of Conduct at the EIT - This document establishes procedures to ensure that all EIT staff are aware of relevant ethical and organisational values, in particular: ethical conduct, avoidance of conflict of interest, fraud prevention and reporting of irregularities.
  • EIT Gender Mainstreaming Policy - A gender responsive portfolio of activities and balanced gender representation in decision making.