EIT House & Liaison Office

EIT House is the EIT Community’s representative office in Brussels. It allows our community to showcase its innovations, provide working space for its innovators, and coordinate its engagement with EU stakeholders. It furthermore hosts meetings and events of the EIT Community and in some cases of the European Commission. The EIT House facilitates cooperation through a Coordination Group comprised of representatives from EIT and each of the EIT's Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) and chaired by EIT Digital.

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EIT Liaison Office

The EIT Liaison Office is the EIT Headquarters’ presence within the EIT House. It allows the EIT to manage its relations with EU institutions and bodies, research & innovation multipliers, and representatives of the broader EIT Community in Brussels. Through the Liaison Office, the EIT is able to manage and expand its network, participate in key events and meetings, raise awareness of its activities among stakeholders, and enhance its knowledge of EU-level developments.