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Management Board meeting documents

The FRA Management Board meets twice a year and for extraordinary meetings.

At the 19th Management Board meeting on 22-23 May 2014, a decision was taken to publish the minutes of Management Board meetings on the FRA website, starting with the minutes of the 19th Meeting. 

In the table below you can find a list of all Management Board agendas since 2007 and all signed minutes of the Management Board meetings as of the 19th Meeting.

Management Board meeting agendas and minutes
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
33rd MB meeting via videoconferencing 9 June 2020 EN (pdf)  
32nd MB meeting 12-13 December 2019 EN (pdf) EN (pdf)
31st MB meeting 16-17 May 2019  EN | FR (pdf) EN (pdf)
30th MB meeting 13–14 December 2018  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
29th MB meeting 15-17 May  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
28th MB meeting 13-14 December 2017  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
27th MB meeting 29 September 2017  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
26th MB meeting 18-19 May 2017  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
25th MB meeting 13-14 December 2016  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
24th MB meeting 19-20 May 2016  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
23rd MB meeting 15-16 December 2015  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
22nd MB meeting 24-25 September 2015  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
21st MB meeting 20-21 May 2015  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
20th MB meeting 11-12 December 2014  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)
19th MB meeting 22-23 May 2014  EN | FR (pdf)  EN | FR (pdf)