About Pantou

Welcome to Pantou

Pantou is the Greek word for Everywhere.

Pantou has been developed to meet the need for a reliable and comprehensive international guide to all kinds of accessible tourism services, helping to make tourism everywhere Accessible for All.

This web site presents the Directory of suppliers of accessible tourism services, covering the whole tourism and travel value chain. Until Spring 2017 the site was funded by the European Commission and its focus was on European businesses and destinations and service providers offering Europe-inbound tours.

Open to the World!

From April 2017 the Pantou Directory is open to accessible tourism suppliers from around the world. We welcome tourism businesses and public tourism providers from every country and region.    

By joining the Pantou Directory we can make it easier for all visitors with access needs to find suitable tourism services, wherever they wish to travel.

The Pantou Directory:

  • makes it easier for tourists with any kind of access needs to find what they are looking for when planning a visit.
  • promotes accessible tourism suppliers, showing places to go and things to do – in safety and with convenience and comfort.
  • enables suppliers and destinations to find new partners and build networks of accessible services, for the benefit of visitors, local businesses and communities.  

Comprehensive services

Suppliers who are listed on Pantou provide a wide variety of tourism services, including accommodation, transport, tours, venues and attractions, equipment rental and sales, personal assistance - making tourism inclusive and accessible for people who have a disability, long-term health condition or other specific accessibility requirements.

Accurate and reliable information

To be listed with Pantou, tourism suppliers must indicate the type of service(s) offered and the particular target groups they can serve.

Pantou Access Statement

When registering, suppliers should indicate their membership of a national, regional or local "Accessibility Information Scheme" (AIS) that verifies the accessibility of the services offered.
If the supplier is not a member of an AIS that has been verified by Pantou, then the supplier must fill in and submit the Pantou Access Statement, self-declaration form. This statement acts as an accessibility marketing guide, which gives your visitors an objective view of the facilities and services you offer.   

> Consult the Visitors' User Guide and Search Help

> Consult the Suppliers' User Guide and Registration Help

If you need further help, please send your question via the Contact Page. 

Pantou is a registered trademark.

For further details visit: https://euipo.europa.eu/eSearch/#details/trademarks/017867619


   Pantou is managed jointly by ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism non-profit association and

  EWORX S.A. logo EWORX S.A., Digital Agency, Greece.

NOTE: From 2015 until March 2017, Pantou was supported by a grant from the European Commission, Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. From April 2017 onwards, the Pantou Directory is independently managed and maintained by ENAT asbl. and EWORX S.A. under a cooperation agreement.  

The European Commission is not responsible for the content of the site, nor is it liable for any loss or damage arising from use of the information on the site.

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