Access Statement

When you've made the effort to create an accessible service for your visitors - make sure you tell them what they can expect!

An Access Statement is a document written by a service provider (or an appointed agent) describing the accessibility characteristics of a tourism service and/or facility, as objectively and factually as possible.

In some countries or regions the term "Access Guide" is used. It means the same thing.

The Access Statement is used to inform potential customers or visitors about the service and it is particularly useful as a planning tool for visitors who have specific access requirements.    

Some Accessibility Information Schemes that are partnering with Pantou recommend an Access Guide for their members, for example VisitEngland.

An example of a Pantou Access Statement for a Museum can be downloaded at the PDF link shown at the bottom of this Pantou page: Museo Civico Amedeo Lia 

Make your own Pantou Access Statement

Pantou has created a MS WORD template so that suppliers can create their own Pantou Access Statement

NOTE: It is a condition of Pantou's publication terms that registered suppliers must prepare a Pantou Access Statement if they are not a member of any recognised Accessibility Information Scheme.

How to create your Pantou Access Statement

Download the Pantou Access Statement (version 2.0) (WORD document)

The template contains three main sections and all the necessary questions to create a full Access Statement. Use the multiple choice questions to describe the acccessiblity of your services and venue. Add short descriptions as necessary.

You will need to take some measurements if you need to answer questions about your buildings and facilities. 

Download the Photo and Measurement Guide to see how to take suitable photos and make accurate measurements of door-widths, guest toilets, ramps, etc.

When completed, the Access Statement should be saved with the name of the service provider in the filename and sent to Pantou for checking and uploading to the supplier's profile page.

Send your completed Access Statement to the Pantou Team at: 

Additional Notes

The Pantou Access Statement is offered as an open resource for tourism suppliers who offer accessible services. It may be copied and used "as is" for educational or professional purposes, as long as you mention the name Pantou Access Statement and the link to the Pantou Directory home page:

In addition to posting the Pantou Access Statement on the Pantou Profile page, suppliers may also re-distribute the document on a website or as printed or digital information for visitors.

If you would like help to produce your Pantou Access Statement, please get in touch with Pantou Support via the Contact Page.  

Legal Notice: The Pantou Access Statement, when completed by a supplier, is intended only as an advisory document and it is not a guarantee for the level of accessibility that is stated by the said supplier. Neither Pantou, ENAT and its partners or the European Commission can be held responsible for any loss or damages that may result from the use of information that is contained in the Pantou Access Statement.