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Few things are as ridiculous as bad taste employed in the service of chauvinism. We were reassured of this when we recently watched the players of Turkish soccer team Caykur Rizespor march onto the pitch in blue berets and camo jackets over the team colors.

Thu, 12 Mar 2020 13:29:35 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/comment/nationalist-pageantry-on-the-soccer-pitch 2020-03-12T13:29:35Z
Blood, money, Golden Dawn http://www.ekathimerini daily/comment/blood-money-golden-dawn

Whichever date we take as the launch of GD’s activities – 1980, when it was founded by Nikos Michaloliakos, or 1993, when it first appeared in the guise of a political party – the time it is taking to be defeated and fall apart has been anything but brief.

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