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The food service and bar industry has seen a 25 percent drop in turnover due to the midnight closing time of all establishments introduced to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. 

Sat, 22 Aug 2020 13:40:37 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/bar-restaurant-turnover-drops-25-pct-due-to-midnight-closure 2020-08-22T13:40:37Z
A sweet history: Greek immigrants in the confection business http://www.ekathimerini daily/community/a-sweet-history-greek-immigrants-in-the-confection-business

The Greek-American connection with restaurants, albeit stereotypically exaggerated, is by now proverbial. Not as well-known is the Greek association with the confectionery industry, which Greek immigrants came to dominate, if not monopolize, for the better part of the 20th century. 

Sat, 22 Aug 2020 10:26:17 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/community/a-sweet-history-greek-immigrants-in-the-confection-business 2020-08-22T10:26:17Z
Greek cheeses exempted from US tariffs http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/greek-cheeses-exemptedfrom-us-tariffs

Greek cheeses have been exempted from US tariffs imposed on European Union agricultural products, according to the Ministry of Rural Development and Food on Thursday

Thu, 13 Aug 2020 14:12:42 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/greek-cheeses-exemptedfrom-us-tariffs 2020-08-13T14:12:42Z
Mass restaurant, cafe, bar closures seen http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/mass-restaurant-cafe-bar-closures-seen

Up to one in three restaurants, cafes and bars is facing closure due to the restrictive measures introduced by the government to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Wed, 12 Aug 2020 17:30:37 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/mass-restaurant-cafe-bar-closures-seen 2020-08-12T17:30:37Z
Bars, restaurants might be told to close earlier to halt virus spread, minister says http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/bars-restaurants-might-be-told-to-close-earlier-to-halt-virus-spread-minister-says

Restaurants and cafes in Greece may be instructed to close earlier to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Deputy Development Minister Nikos Papathanasis warned on Monday, amid a steady increase of infections in the country.

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 12:26:23 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/bars-restaurants-might-be-told-to-close-earlier-to-halt-virus-spread-minister-says 2020-08-03T12:26:23Z
Pizza Hut exits Greece, hit by the pandemic http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/pizza-hut-exits-greece-hit-by-the-pandemic

The Pizza Hut restaurant chain announced on Thursday it was shutting down its operations in Greece and leaving the country, saying that the chain's activities were no longer sustainable in the wake of the pandemic.

Thu, 30 Jul 2020 16:27:54 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/pizza-hut-exits-greece-hit-by-the-pandemic 2020-07-30T16:27:54Z
The looming hunger crisis http://www.ekathimerini daily/community/the-looming-hunger-crisis

One of the many things the pandemic will affect is the need for food relief – for the worse. Up until now, the food situation has been more or less under control in Greece. 

Wed, 15 Jul 2020 18:00:03 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/community/the-looming-hunger-crisis 2020-07-15T18:00:03Z
Traditional products from Crete and beyond go on sale in Piraeus http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/traditional-products-from-crete-and-beyond-go-on-sale-in-piraeus

Cretan musicians entertain passers-by with Cretan songs at the exhibition of traditional products from Crete and some areas of Greece, in Pasalimani in Piraeus on Saturday. [ANA-MPA]

Sat, 11 Jul 2020 14:37:41 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/traditional-products-from-crete-and-beyond-go-on-sale-in-piraeus 2020-07-11T14:37:41Z
Unprecedented drop in turnover 
for food service, accommodation http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/unprecedented-drop-in-turnover-for-food-service-accommodation

The turnover of food service and accommodation enterprises posted an unprecedented nosedive in April, shrinking by 73.5% and 92% respectively compared to the same month last year, according to Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT) data released on Monday for the month when Greece was in lockdown from start to finish. 

Tue, 07 Jul 2020 16:34:03 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/unprecedented-drop-in-turnover-for-food-service-accommodation 2020-07-07T16:34:03Z
Food exports thrive in pandemic http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/food-exports-thrive-in-pandemic

The food sector showed its strength during the pandemic, with Greek exports gaining ground and creating the necessary conditions for their further penetration of international markets.

Fri, 03 Jul 2020 19:48:11 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/food-exports-thrive-in-pandemic 2020-07-03T19:48:11Z
Food-drink exports webinar planned for Thursday http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/food-drink-exports-webinar-planned-for-thursday

The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Foreign Ministry are organizing a webinar for Thursday about the food and drink sector in the United Kingdom, in France, Italy and Portugal. 

Sat, 27 Jun 2020 13:27:18 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/food-drink-exports-webinar-planned-for-thursday 2020-06-27T13:27:18Z
Cafes, restaurants gear up for reopening http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/cafes-restaurants-gear-up-for-reopening

A man works outside his cafe in Monastiraki in downtown Athens on Saturday, in preparation for its reopening Monday, as part of the fourth phase of a government plan to loosen restrictions imposed in March to contain the coronavirus pandemic. The reopening of bars and restaurants is to be strictly regulated, with protective face masks being compulsory for staff and a distance of 2 meters maintained between tables. The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) said that food and drinks businesses must be disinfected regularly and that emp loyers must appoint someone to oversee the enforcement of measures. Staff will also work on rotation. [Alexandros Vlahos/ANA-MPA]

Sun, 24 May 2020 09:55:23 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/cafes-restaurants-gear-up-for-reopening 2020-05-24T09:55:23Z
Restaurateurs unhappy with support measures http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/restaurateurs-unhappy-with-support-measures

Food service businesses may be preparing to reopen next week but they are also protesting against the government measures for them, which they consider to be insufficient as far as safeguarding their sustainability is concerned.

Thu, 21 May 2020 18:52:34 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/restaurateurs-unhappy-with-support-measures 2020-05-21T18:52:34Z
Cafes and restaurants prepare to reopen safely http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/cafes-and-restaurants-prepare-to-reopen-safely

Owners and managers of cafes, bars and restaurants are scrambling to prepare their premises for reopening next Monday following a 10-week closure imposed as part of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. The Hellenic Food Authority (EFET) has issued a guide for owners, employees and patrons on preventing the transmission of the virus. For employers, guidelines include rotating workers and appointing someone to oversee the enforcement of measures including social distancing and hygeine regulations. Employees are to be provided with masks and gloves and premises disinfected regularly. [Yiannis Liakos/Intime News]

Thu, 21 May 2020 09:36:58 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/in-images/cafes-and-restaurants-prepare-to-reopen-safely 2020-05-21T09:36:58Z
The ‘day after’ in catering, entertainment and hospitality http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/the-day-after-in-catering-entertainment-and-hospitality

Spirit, wine and beer importers Amvyx SA and the Nissos brewery will be hosting an online discussion on Monday about the “day after” in catering, entertainment and hospitality businesses. 

Mon, 18 May 2020 04:14:31 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/the-day-after-in-catering-entertainment-and-hospitality 2020-05-18T04:14:31Z
New bill to facilitate more tables on sidewalks http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/new-bill-to-facilitate-more-tables-on-sidewalks

Bars and restaurants will have more outdoor space on sidewalks according to a bill that will be submitted to Parliament on Monday that also slashes municipal fees for catering business but also introduces strict fines.

Tue, 12 May 2020 16:35:46 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/new-bill-to-facilitate-more-tables-on-sidewalks 2020-05-12T16:35:46Z
Restaurateurs in Greece to join 'empty chairs' protest rally http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/restaurateurs-in-greece-to-join-empty-chairs-protest-rally

Restaurateurs in Athens and other Greek cities are on Tuesday evening to join their counterparts across Europe in holding an “empty chairs” protest to draw attention to the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic on their sector.

Tue, 05 May 2020 16:08:08 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/restaurateurs-in-greece-to-join-empty-chairs-protest-rally 2020-05-05T16:08:08Z
PM says restaurants, cafes could open on June 1 if infections remain low http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/pm-says-restaurants-cafes-could-open-on-june-1-if-infections-remain-low

Restaurants and cafes could open on June 1 if the rate of coronavirus infections continues to remain low, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said on Tuesday, during a cabinet video conference on the steps to lift the measures taken to contain the virus.

Tue, 05 May 2020 13:49:23 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/news/pm-says-restaurants-cafes-could-open-on-june-1-if-infections-remain-low 2020-05-05T13:49:23Z
Extended supermarket opening hours to continue till May 9 http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/extended-supermarket-opening-hours-to-continue-till-may-9

The extended opening hours for supermarkets will continue beyond April 25, following a decision by Development and Investments Minister Adonis Georgiadis on Thursday.

Thu, 23 Apr 2020 12:09:51 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/extended-supermarket-opening-hours-to-continue-till-may-9 2020-04-23T12:09:51Z
Store opening hours on Easter weekend http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/store-opening-hours-on-easter-weekend

Supermarkets will be open for six hours on Friday while on Saturday they will remain open until the evening. according to the General Secretariat for Commerce and Consumer Protection.

Thu, 16 Apr 2020 10:41:53 GMT http://www.ekathimerini daily/business/store-opening-hours-on-easter-weekend 2020-04-16T10:41:53Z