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UEFA and FIFA threaten EPO with expulsion

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) and soccer world governing body FIFA have threatened the Hellenic Soccer Federation (EPO) with expulsion from international competitions if it does not hold elections in October while also taking aim at the government for allegedly intervening in EPO’s affairs. 



Gov’t to make it easier for employees in 'vulnerable groups' to work from home


A government decision already in effect makes it easy for private sector employees belonging to so-called ‘vulnerable groups’ with regard to the coronavirus to ask to work from home so as not to come into contact with the public. A simple phone call, email or SMS to the boss should suffice, unless the employer can prove that work from home is not feasible. Even then, employers have to make arrangements to ensure the safety of their employees, failing which they will face hefty fines. In the coming days, the government will issue directives specifying the vulnerable groups and the medical documents required as proof.