WHAT'S ON Museum emst_kallirrois_ave_photo_by_stephie_grape1

Contemporary Art | Athens | Year-Round

The National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST), established in October 2000, is the sole national institution focused on collecting and exhibiting contemporary Greek and international art in Athens.

WHAT'S ON Discussion simon_critchley

Quarantine Tapes: Simon Critchley | Worldwide | To August 31

With many of us heading back into a kind of self-imposed lockdown with the new wave of the pandemic, the Onassis Foundation’s We Stay Close, Not Closed virtual culture platform offers opportunities to listen to and watch guests from around the world talk about their experience of the new reality. 

WHAT'S ON Discussion fionashaw1

Let’s Walk with Fiona Shaw | Worldwide | To August 31

Irish actress and theater and opera director Fiona Shaw and philosopher Simon Critchley delve into the subject of Medea, the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis in Greek mythology, and wife of the mythical hero Jason, in a conversation recorded in 2017 as part of the Onassis Foundation’s “A World of Emotions” exhibition.

WHAT'S ON Music savina

Watersong | Epidaurus | August 14 & 15

Inspired by Ariel’s song in Shakespeare’s tragicomedy “The Tempest,” Greek world music act Savina Yannatou and Primavera en Salonico present “Watersong,” a program of songs from different parts of the Mediterranean about the sea, the desert, life, death and magic. 



Gov’t to make it easier for employees in 'vulnerable groups' to work from home


A government decision already in effect makes it easy for private sector employees belonging to so-called ‘vulnerable groups’ with regard to the coronavirus to ask to work from home so as not to come into contact with the public. A simple phone call, email or SMS to the boss should suffice, unless the employer can prove that work from home is not feasible. Even then, employers have to make arrangements to ensure the safety of their employees, failing which they will face hefty fines. In the coming days, the government will issue directives specifying the vulnerable groups and the medical documents required as proof.