Intelligence Analysis

The heart of intelligence-led law enforcement

Sound, well-focused analysis is critical to the success of Europol’s mission.

Europol is continually adapting the latest advances in technology to hone its advanced analytical capabilities. That way, its analysts can use the latest techniques and methods, among other things, to identify links between international investigations. They work with subject-focused Analysis Projects (APs) to provide information to ongoing operations in EU Member States. This information often leads to breakthroughs in international investigations.

The Europol Analysis System (EAS) is an operational information system that hosts data contributed by Europol's stakeholders. With it, information can be managed centrally, and the use of a wide range of analytical tools ensures that analytical capabilities are as effective as possible.

Europol is continually assessing these capabilities and the technology behind them so as to ensure that its analysts are always working with state-of-the-art tools.