Careers & Procurement

Working for and supplying Europol

Europol is a growing organisation that uses innovative and cutting-edge technologies in a unique international, multilingual and multidisciplinary environment.


Europol offers job opportunities under contracts as Temporary Agents (TAs) and Contract Agents (CAs).

Available Temporary Agent posts may be non-restricted (open to all EU citizens) or restricted (open only to EU citizens who are members of national services competent to fight organised crime and terrorism). Europol also selects National Experts who are seconded by Member States, to specific fields of expertise.

Europol seeks employees who are creative, self-reliant, energetic and ready for a challenge. Prospective candidates should be prepared to work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment that requires a high level of flexibility, and should have the ability to perform well within a team.

Current job openings are listed on our vacancies page.

Details on how to apply are available here. Note that certain positions are restricted to members of law enforcement agencies of EU Member States or to officers seconded from those agencies.

More information is available via the Request for Recruitment Information form.

Europol also offers a number of internships every year.


As an EU agency, Europol follows strict public procurement rules in contracting with economic operators (persons, companies or other legal entities) for goods and services. The conclusion of a contract is possible only after the successful completion of a tendering procedure.

More information on procurement and on current tenders is listed on our procurement page.


At Europol, we are devoted to making Europe a safer place for all its citizens.

Europe faces increasingly challenging organised crime and terrorist threats. The Paris attacks in January 2015 were stark illustrations of the terrorist threat and of related factors, such as violent extremist propaganda on the Internet and arms trafficking. Reflecting broader trends of globalisation, today’s threats recognise no national boundaries and often reach out into cyberspace as well.

These threats require an effective and timely law enforcement response. Europol provides a crucial element of that response whenever cross-border cooperation is needed. The unprecedented number of operations supported by Europol delivers a clear message: the international law enforcement community is determined to bring down organised criminal groups and protect the safety and wellbeing of our society.

More than 1000 highly-skilled professionals from all 28 EU Member States work at Europol. Our work covers many areas, and offers opportunities for law enforcement specialists and others in governance, finance, human resources, and information and communications technology.

Working for an organisation with a mission such as Europol’s is both challenging and rewarding — that can make you a real agent for change. If you are looking for a fulfilling career in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, join us to make Europe safer.