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Affording market opportunities, thus ensuring value for money

Further information on the procurement procedures as well as all necessary documentation is available electronically in the Ongoing procurement procedures page

As an EU agency, Europol follows strict public procurement rules in contracting economic operators (persons, companies or other legal entities) for goods, services and works.

Conclusion of a contract is possible only after the successful completion of a procurement procedure.

‘Procurement’ means the acquisition by means of a contract of works, supplies or services and the acquisition or rental of land, existing buildings or other immovable property, by one or more contracting authorities from economic operators chosen by those contracting authorities. Europol is a contracting authority.

The objective of public procurement is to increase the pool of potential suppliers, thereby allowing public bodies to get value for money while affording market opportunities to companies.

As a contracting authority, Europol has to comply with strict procurement rules. All Europol’s procurement procedures are governed by:

  • Europol's Financial Regulation (Article 85 and 86), adopted on 4 October 2019.
  • Procurement procedures launched before 2 August 2018: European Parliament and Council Regulation No 966/2012, as amended by Regulation no 2015/1929 and its Rules of Application (Commission Delegated Regulation No 1268/2012 as amended by Regulation No 2015/2462).
  • Procurement procedures launched on/after 2 August 2018: Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 July 2018 on the financial rules applicable to the general budget of the Union, amending Regulations (EU) No 1296/2013, (EU) No 1301/2013, (EU) No 1303/2013, (EU) No 1304/2013, (EU) No 1309/2013, (EU) No 1316/2013, (EU) No 223/2014, (EU) No 283/2014, and Decision No 541/2014/EU and repealing Regulation (EU, Euratom) No 966/2012

Europol’s procurement procedures are centrally managed by its Procurement Office.

Advertisement of procurement procedures

Europol, like all EU institutions, uses the term “procurement procedures” in reference to calls for tenders. The way the procurement procedure is advertised depends on the estimated maximum value of the contract to be awarded.
Interested economic operators are invited to periodically check the Europol’s procurement webpage as Europol publishes new procurement procedures continually. Please note that Europol does not currently offer a mailing-list service or a notification of the launch of individual tenders.

In addition, sometimes Europol joins inter-institutional procurement procedures organised by other European Union Institutions, agencies or bodies. Interested economic operators are invited to periodically check TED website (Tenders Electronic Daily)  for inter-institutional procurement procedures in which Europol participates as a contracting authority.

The term “procurement procedure” covers:

Contracts from EUR 139 000

Procurement procedures with an estimated value of EUR 139 000 or more as well as calls for expressions of interest are published in the S series of the Official Journal of the European Union (not applied in case of exception or in case of a negotiated procedure without prior publication of a contract notice, Point 11 Annex 1 FR) and can be consulted online in the EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) database.

The procurement documents related to ongoing procurement procedures are available on the eTendering section of the TED site.

Contracts above EUR 15 000 to below EUR  139 000

Procurement procedures for contracts with a value between EUR 15 000.01 and below EUR 139 000 are advertised for a minimum of two weeks as an ex ante publication on this webpage under “ongoing procurement procedures”.

Contracts not exceeding EUR 15 000

Contracts with a value not exceeding EUR 15 000 can be awarded without any publication.

For more information, please contact:

Europol Procurement Office, PO Box 908 50, 2509 LW The Hague, the Netherlands

Or use our online contact form.

Value of the call for tenders Minimum procedure required Means of advertising
≤ €15 000 Negotiated procedure with a single supplier/service provider No advertising
€15 001 - €60 000 Negotiated procedure with at least 3 candidates Only advertising on Europol Webpage
 €60 001< €139 000 for supplies and services Negotiated procedure with at least 5 candidates

Procedures following a Call for Expressions of Interest (CEI)

Europol Webpage for negotiated procedure/ TED for CEI
≥ €139 000 supplies and services Procurement procedures with a contract notice published in the Official Journal (such as open or restricted procedures) Both TED and Europol Webpage

Special procedures not included in the above table:

  • The dynamic purchasing system for commonly used purchases
  • The competitive dialogue (an option available when a contract is particularly complex and cannot be awarded using one of the standard procedures mentioned in the table above)
  • The competitive procedure with negotiation
  • Negotiated procedure without publication of a contract notice in the Official Journal may be used in exceptional cases
  • Design Contest and Innovation partnership


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