What we offer

A great place to work, and a competitive employment package

We offer the opportunity to work in a challenging, rewarding environment with professionals from across the EU.

Europol staff is drawn from the 28 countries of the European Union. They work in an intellectually stimulating, multilingual and multidisciplinary international law enforcement environment in our state-of-the-art headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Working at Europol is challenging. If we ask you to join us, we’ll expect you to make a strong contribution from day one to our goal: to make Europe safer.

Europol staff are engaged on fixed-term contracts. The total remuneration package consists of a basic salary plus family and other allowances.

Our core team is made up of more than 900 professionals working within the legal framework of the European Union Staff Regulations.

Europol’s main language of internal communication is English. All staff members must have a satisfactory knowledge of another official EU language.

A secure workplace

Our physical working environment has been designed to comply with the highest standards of quality, security and environmental performance.

Europol’s headquarters, located in The Hague’s international zone of peace and justice, is one of the safest and most secure buildings in Europe. The award-winning workplace features eco-friendly sedum roofs and has a low carbon footprint.

The environment inside the building is enhanced by numerous works of art — photography, sculptures, and paintings. Among these are five major pieces, inspired by Europol’s core values — integrity, accountability, effectiveness, teamwork and initiative— that are on permanent display.

Naturally the headquarters also has its own parking, canteen and café. And the trendy Statenkwartier neighbourhood, just a stone’s throw away, boasts plenty of great eateries and coffee houses (and is also a really nice place to live).

Allowances and benefits

    In addition to the basic monthly salary, Europol offers the following allowances where eligible :

    • expatriation
    • household
    • dependent-child
    • education
    • access to the European School

    Europol also offers a comprehensive package of additional benefits such as:

    • medical insurance
    • unemployment and invalidity allowance

    Working hours

    Europol’s standard working hours are 9.00–17.00 (CET) from Monday to Friday.

    Under EU regulations, the normal working week shall not exceed 42 hours, with the hours of the working day to be determined by Europol.

    Some positions at Europol may require participation in a 24/7 shift system, non-standard working hours (including weekends and nights), and/or on-call duty compensated with additional allowances.

    Leave and absences

    Europol aims to create and maintain a supportive and healthy work environment that enables staff members to achieve a healthy and sustainable work-life balance.

    Options include:

    • flexible working hours, and time off in compensation for overtime
    • unpaid leave
    • annual leave
    • maternity, paternity and family leave
    • special leave in certain circumstances such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child, and other family events
    • special working arrangement for breastfeeding mothers
    • holiday flexibility arrangement.