EIT Digital's offer

Accelerating your growth

  • Commercial growth. We will help you find European and worldwide customers for your products and solutions.
  • Fundraising. We will mobilize our investor network in Europe and beyond to fund your company.
  • Exit. Find a suitable large corporation to join forces with.

Attracting relevant talent

  • We will help you find the multidisciplinary talents that your company is missing.

Leveraging a pan-European ecosystem

  • Access Pan-European multidisciplinary environments. Access to a set of Co-Location Centers across Europe for joint meetings and joint projects; in these Centers you will meet a large diversity of information technology experts and entrepreneurs: engineers, researchers, students, business developers etc.
  • Access the leading European ecosystem in information technology. Be part of a network of over 130 leading European technology players: enterprises, SMEs, startups, universities, research centers etc. Get quick introductions at all levels of any organization. Make your voice heard and impact the ecosystem, Europe and the world.

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