EIT Urban Mobility model

EIT Urban Mobility’s model for innovation

The EIT Urban Mobility innovation programme takes innovative ideas, improves them and puts them into practice as a way of helping resolve the challenges facing eco-efficient and safe urban transport, data exploitation and promote regulatory and behavioural change.

EIT Urban Mobility runs ideation and matchmaking workshops and promotes co-creation across the ecosystem in innovation projects, living labs, hackathons and boot camps.

Innovation projects will be: ​

  • Challenge-driven, market-based and solution-oriented
  • Collaborative activities focusing on research, technology, societal innovation and governance
  • Developed by multidisciplinary, international teams involving working in specific local contexts
  • Tested in real-life situations

Strategic innovation themes:

Accelerate Urban Transformation

  • Liveable urban space
  • Behaviour change
  • Urban policy planning
  • Shared mobility service

Decarbonise and Automate Mobility

  • Environmental awareness
  • Clean and automated mobility
  • New/adapted (communication)-technologies

Forster Integrated Mobility

  • Sustainable logistics
  • Smart infrastructure and parking
  • Cycling
  • Walking and public transport

Fulfil Mobility Needs

  • Data exploitation for intermodal urban mobility
  • Intelligent Mobility Management
  • Mobility as a Service